Institutional Values and Best Practices

Sr.No. 7.1 Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities Download

Specific facilities provided for women in terms of:a. Safety and security b. Counseling c. Common Rooms d. Day care center for young children e. Any other relevant information

Annual gender sensitization action plan
7.1.6 Quality audits on environment and energy are regularly undertaken by the institution
7.1.8 Describe the Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment i.e., tolerance and harmony towards cultural, regional, linguistic, communal socioeconomic and other diversities
7.1.9 Sensitization of students and employees of the Institution to the constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties and responsibilities of citizens
7.1.11 Institution celebrates / organizes national and international commemorative days, events and festivals
Sr.No. 7.2 Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities Download
7.2 Best Practice
7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness