Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:

DYPCMR has an entrepreneurial ecosystem and a culture of trust and collaboration that allows students and faculty members to interact successfully with people from Industry. DYPCMR allows for the fast flow of talent, information, and resources which helps students quickly to find what they need for a startups. The components essential for entrepreneurial ecosystem are provided by the Institute. The people component includes the human capital of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, e.g., mentorship, leadership, and supportive activities to inculcate entrepreneurial skills among students are provided by Institute and are essential for startups.

The Institute started the Institutional Innovation Cell under MHRD, New Delhi and registered with Startup and Innovation Cell under Savitribai Phule Pune University. Various activities done under it are entrepreneurial workshops, exercises, guest lectures, E-talks, MOU with industry, etc. The Workshop on “Idea Generation” is conducted which enables students to understand that business idea arises in response to the opportunities in the environment. Newspaper Exercise enables students to understand Newspaper is one such source that reflect current trends -real world with real opportunities. Rs.50 exercise is an exciting activity for a first-hand learning experience of venture creation. The objectives are to break the mental block that entrepreneurship is something only ‘other’ people do. To make entrepreneurship seem do-able. To excite the students about entrepreneurship. To set the stage for other lectures on entrepreneurship and make the latter more meaningful.

Our Student Startups:

Session on Entrepreneurship: